president Ramesh Limbu 2022

“Calling on all Dharane friends to embark on an amazing journey of togetherness!”

      First of all, thank you so much for having a faith and trust in me and lending your support. I am deeply humbled, honoured and delighted to have been asked to take on the role and I along with the help of my team, I will try my best to serve the interests of Dhara Samaj UK (DSUK) and its members. Like many organisations DSUK exists to serve the residents of Dharan living here in the UK. It is growing, prospering and striving to succeed in achieving its aims- to serve the good and benefit of Dharane people. Now that you have given me the opportunity to serve and lead this great community, I thought it would be a good idea to share this brief note with a plea for support. Hence, I would like to start my brief note with this Mother Teresa’s inspirational quote; “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things”. It cannot be more true and DSUK has been putting these principles into practice since its inception. Thanks to all those past Presidents, their teams and of course, you the lovely Dharane friends.
          However, there appears to be a considerable gap in that togetherness as not all Dharanes have committed to this very principle. Likewise, it is a little disappointing to see the lack of euphoria and engagement from many of its members, especially in the part of those who migrated to Dharan in their later lives. There also seems to be a preconception that only those who were born and bred in Dharan are true Dharanes. So can you, regardless of whether you are a native Dharane or the recent migrant. After all, we are all bona fide citizens of Dharan.
          It goes without saying that Dharan is a beautiful city and home to a diverse ethnic group of people. Most of us chose to call Dharan our permanent home and helped to make it even more beautiful in the recent past. Hence, all of us have some kind of attachment, both physical and emotional with Dharan. So, it’s time for all Dharanes to march together and cultivate the harmonious relationship and strengthen the bonding between Dharane friends. Let us plant the seeds of friendship, cultivate and foster our friendship and support. With this in mind, I am compelled to put this polite note out in the hope that I am able to persuade all Dharanes friends to make a strong commitment to DSUK in the coming days.
          Hence and with my whole heart, can I also ask all friends who have some kind of attachment to our beautiful city Dharan to eliminate the misconception, spare a thought and make a commitment towards DSUK and Dharan as a whole, please. Moreover, DSUK can only grow and prosper with your active participation, help, and support. As ever, I and my team will always appreciate your active engagement, solidarity, and support. So, please join us on this great journey and make DSUK even greater in the coming months and years.
Finally, if the tone of my note came across as overly patriotic, then my sincere apologies.
I look forward to working with you all in the coming days.
With kindest regards,



Ramesh Limbu – President DSUK