DSUK President’s Message to all Dharanes

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Dear all,

First and foremost, I would like to Apologise for my delayed to acknowledge the tremendous work everyone has done to run the event and our amazing guest for gracing us with your presence. It was a great pleasure to see you all on our 11th Annual Dharane Bhela held at Aldershot, UK. As always, it was a great day filled with Fun, Laughter and Uniting with our good old Dharanes and Dharan loving friends. Of course, along the line we have also managed to generate funds for the Samaj.

Organising this gathering as always has demonstrated our strength i.e. dedication to make Samaj better, working in a team and watching out each other’s back and drive the purpose of Samaj which is to bring people (Dharane) together and engage, which I think is a great achievement in itself.

Thank you to you all once again for making this evet a great success. As it is evidently not possible to succeed without your contribution and your presence.

Especial thanks to our Volunteers working on stage decoration, drink station and ticket checks to ensure smooth flow of the event and also special thanks to sponsors and performers for adding colour to the event.

Finally, I hope this year annual get together was enjoyable to each and everyone.
See you next year. JAI DHARANE!!!

With regards,
Surya Gurung
President of DSUK

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