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Dear all

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the taking such an immense time for this.

This is about undergoing construction project of HIRASAD BHAWAN in DHARAN. We all agreed and voted, by majority, at Budha Subba Gold Cup’s post meeting which was held straight after the tournament on 01/09/2018 that DSUK will contribute for a limited support for this construction.

As agreed, DSUK will be committed to support the construction and collection of donations has begun.
We have received a comprehensive letter from Mr Minkumar Subba (co-ordinator of HIRASAD BHAWAN in DHARAN NEPAL). This explains all the information however, should you have any questions regarding this please consult to me and I will do my best to answer or obtain a reasonable answer.

As we all know Dharan has been renowned for developing the city by the support of Dharan basi’s (locals) and also once recognised as one of the most beautiful and cleanest city in Nepal.

Therefore, to keep the standard up and continue building the city ceiling high I urge you all the Dharanes’ for their kindness in support for this genuine cause and donate in your capacity.

Payment instruction:

Account name-Dharan samaj UK
NOTE- please write your name as your reference. If any quarry regarding this matter kindly contact to our Treasure DSUK, Mrs. Mira Gurung on 07920279774.

Thank you.
Surya Gurung
President DSUK.