X-mas and New year celebration 2018

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Minutes of the DSUK meeting held 01/11/18

At Golden ship restaurant

South Harrow

Meeting was opened by President Suryamang Gurung at 1405hrs.

DSUK has agreed to host a Christmas & New Year party in aid of detention Centre in Dharan.  All the profit from this party will aid to construct a room within the detention center which is being construct in Dharan.

Attendances:                                                                                                     Apologies:

  1. Suryaman Gurung.                                                                                  1.            Nikesh Subba.
  2. Kirankumar Subba.                                                                                  2.            Bimal Pradhan.
  3. Khadkahang Limbu.                                                                                3.            Padam Rai.
  4. Meera Gurung.
  5. Anjakumar Gurung.
  6. Deshbahadur Gurung.
  7. Asha Subba.
  8. Umeshraj Moktan.
  9. Ashok Limbu.
Christmas and New Year celebration in aid of Detention Centre
Agenda Discussion Action
Venue Booked:  RAF Windsock club South Harrow Booked
Event Event timings: 1700 to midnight.   Activation team to set out chairs, table, stage & other.Gate keeper (ticket seller).Titbits serve. Food opens. Music stop.Disassemble.       a. 1500hrs. b. Meera (and one volunteer). c. 1800hrs. d.  2000hrs. e. 2330rhs. f. 0001hrs.
Event wrist bend A bright coloured required. Kiran Sharma
Tickets and Fee £15 and £10 for children/ senior citizen.  
Turnout Expected  60 to 80 Estimated
Food Menu Food will be provided by Ozon AM (Aldershot) By Dhiran Chemjun  
Banner DSUK Christmas banner Gen Sec to check
Cultural program Cultural and entertainment program. No such was discuss but kept in open for any volunteers.
A complete sound system Bhaskar Rai £100
Tombola Tombola (Housie) one round only   Tickets will cost £5 Compulsory.
      AOB Gen Sec proposed a show of Blind Rock (Nepali movie) in London area Majority disagreed due to most of member have already watched.  
Mr Umeshraj Moktan gave a brief update on refunding of Sky Bridge Cash. There are 8 donor’s cash are in pending which requires clarification.
A total of £986.00 handed over to widow of late Prasad Thebe’s All acknowledged.
Messing to generate more revenue to aid Hirasat bhawan was discuss. All agreed on leave the matter until further notice.

Meeting concluded at 1625rhs.

Jai Dharan

Khadkahang Limbu Gen Sec DSUK  

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