Final words from out going President KK Subba

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Dear all members,
good morning & namaste 🙏

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to say – THANK YOU to you all for your great help and support, cooperation and the guidance whilst remaining as President of Dharan Samaj UK. As you all know that I have completed my two & half years of tenure as a President of DS UK and successfully handed all my duties and responsibilities to my successor & newly elected President of Dharan Samaj UK – Mr. Ramesh Limbu at the Convention which was held yesterday at Buckhurst Park Community Centre in Swindon. My best wishes goes to Ramesh Limbu and his 7th Executive Committee members for successful tour ahead. I also request all of you to give similar help and support, guidance etc to new committee as you had given me in the past. I also congratulate all the new committee members and believe that you all remain loyal & faithful to your President and support him in any condition. I am now as an Immediate Past President, would like to offer my help & support or suggestion or anything shall you need in the future.

Last not the least, I also say – a big Thank You to my 6th executive committee members for all your help & support and everything which made my tenure as a President of DS UK successful one. You all are fantastic.

At the very last note: I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Election Committee of Mr. Raju Limbu, Mr. Umesh Moktan & Mr. Suryaman Gurung. Similar gratitude goes to fatigue toli for providing delicious messing & needless to mention our ever energetic Swindon based didi baini haru for the Tipan Tapan, Selroti, drinks etc. You all have done a great job!

Jai Dharan Samaj UK!!!

Kiran K. Subba
Immediate Past President