Heartfelt Condolences !

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Dear Dharan Samaj UK (DSUK) members, friends & families

Heartfelt Condolences

As many of are already aware and we are very saddened to hear the death of our DSUK Member Narayan Bohara (EX 7GR, 21166712) on 16th January 2023 at Swindon.

The DSUK President, Ramesh Limbu, and DSUK community extend their heartfelt sympathies to the beavered family for their loss.

President and S Vice President are in contact with the bereaved family, and they will update us in coming days regarding funeral procession and support.

With deepest sympathy 

Maha Rai.

DSUK Member Narayan Bohara (EX 7GR, 21166712)